Most hated internet innovations of all time: Pop-ups, spams, captchas, cookies and more

7 most hated internet innovations
A man types on a computer keyboard(Reuters)

While they are noteworthy inventions from technology geniuses, pop-ups, viruses, spams and captchas are widely considered as headaches for the internet community.

Despite the fact that some of the innovations are used by marketers to generate more revenue, they create a lot of frustration for net surfers and have drawn customers’ wrath.

Given below is an infographic produced by NeoMam Studios, detailing the seven most hated internet innovations.

Pop-up ads, invented by Ethan Zuckerman, tops the list with 70% of internet people finding it the most annoying type of advertisements online.

The next on the list is virus. Cybercrimes using viruses are estimated to have cost the global economy about $400bn ($629bn) in 2014.

Another annoying innovation is Captcha — a method by which websites ensure that their users are really human. It is estimated that we are spending 500,000 hours a day on the internet to prove that we are really human.

The other innovations on the list include regional censorship, cookies, spams and cybersquatting — the practice of buying a domain name in bad faith of another person’s trademark.

The 7 most hated internet innovations of all time

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