Ellipsis Technologies teams with Bill Mahoney and WTM Development


GREENVILLE, SC – Ellipsis Technologies, which launched its Human Presence technology in 2015, announced that Bill Mahoney, former CEO of SCRA and current CEO of WTM Development, will join Ellipsis as a Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors. Mr. Mahoney will assist the Ellipsis board and team with both capital structure and strategic partner relationships. Bill West, the Ellipsis Chairman and CEO stated, “Bill is very well known for his work in fostering technology growth in South Carolina and increasing technology employment across multiple industry sectors in our state.”

“Ellipsis’ extensible architecture shows particular promise in serving both commercial and government cybersecurity segments,” said Mahoney. “I am very pleased to be working with this team to meet evolving needs in rapidly-moving markets.”

Ellipsis Human Presence is a web security software technology that identifies human website visitors through human behavior analysis and proprietary machine learning algorithms. Ellipsis enables website owners to validate the presence of human visitors to their sites while flagging and deflecting traffic from automated, and often malicious “bots.” With the Ellipsis Human Presence solution, site owners can improve the user experience for human visitors by eliminating the need for Turing tests like CAPTCHA while taking action to prevent site scraping, click fraud and other malicious activity from bots.

While Ellipsis is initially focused on website security, new products currently in beta or design phase include individual identity management for access controls and pure university and military research focused on concussion and traumatic brain injury studies.

Ellipsis has recently been selected as an SCLaunch company and has been approved by the State of South Carolina for an angel tax credit for investors in the company. Ellipsis has additionally been approved as an IBM Security Partner and an Amazon Web Services Technology Partner. The Ellipsis Human Presence technology is also now available as an app in the WordPress app store.

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