Ellipsis Technologies is beating bots at their own game in the Shopify environment

For the last few years Ellipsis Technologies has been focused on identifying and eliminating the many bot attacks in the eCommerce industry.  From simple site scraping bots to form spam to more insidious fake account creation and fraud through bot-based checkouts, each with their own method of penetration.  The bulk of the research focused on and was conducted with the extraordinary help of Shopify merchants. For the last year Ellipsis has been protecting thousands of Shopify merchants from all areas of attack with our Shop Protector suite of apps and have been humbled by the acceptance of our solutions in the Shopify community.

As anyone in the eCommerce world has experienced, bots today are increasingly being built to be more intelligent and designed to employ mechanisms that can circumnavigate many security and platform protocols. All of these attacks with all levels of sophistication cause costly problems for merchants who must deal with each attack individually.

Simple form spam attacks for example can create hundreds of posts within Comment Forms, Product Review Forms and Email Submission Forms creating havoc for real customers who must navigate through these fake submissions or more often, just give up.   These submissions also cost merchants in the form of merchant staff spending countless hours eliminating these submissions on a daily basis. Ellipsis dealt with this issue first and is now successfully protecting thousands of Shopify stores worldwide.

Most recently, Ellipsis has been focused on protecting merchants from bot-based checkouts which most commonly occur during flash sales and limited inventory events. The bots in this arena are extremely sophisticated and have developed a number of workarounds and exploits to game the system.  While some solutions have attempted to solve this issue, the more sophisticated bots can actually skip the store and checkout protocols altogether, effectively bypassing these solutions together and giving them an overwhelming advantage over true human customers during the limited window of inventory availability.  These tactics are extremely effective and frustrate your loyal human customers at every turn which greatly affects return buyers. The Ellipsis Shop Protector Plus app is the only available Shopify option which allows Shopify merchants to control the playing field by completely protecting their checkout.  Additionally. Shop Protector Plus allows the merchant to have total control as to the level of protection they need through a number of optional features.  Some of the critical configurable options are:


  • Checkout Protection
  • Reduce Bot-based Fraud
  • Configurable Rules for Auto-mitigation
  • Bulk Cancel Orders
  • Better Order Insights


Both the Shop Protector and Shop Protector Plus solutions are available in the Shopify app store( https://apps.shopify.com/ellipsis-human-presence-technology ) with our technical service team available to assist if needed.   All Shop Protector apps come up with a free 14 day trial.

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