Convesio is transforming WordPress hosting with an innovative, high-performance container-based platform. Human Presence has partnered with Convesio to integrate our world-class security application with all sites hosted on the platform. Businesses looking for a dependable, secure hosting platform should look no further than Convesio. Learn more about why Convesio is different from the rest.

Convesio Partnership with HumanPresence

What is the Convesio Difference?

Convesio has removed the complexity of setting up dedicated cloud infrastructure on AWS and Google Cloud. Convesio makes it easy for agencies to manage all of their client sites from one platform with industry-leading features including:

High Availability

Convesio is built with a proprietary load balancing container system. Sites with large traffic are able to duplicate WordPress instances to easily distribute traffic.
Security Monitoring & Protection
This is where Convesio is setting itself apart from the competition. With a brute force firewall, malware scanner, and the addition of Human Presence bot protection, Convesio has everything it needs to keep your WordPress site safe from hackers.

Clustered Database

This unique technology is difficult for expert systems engineers to set up and deploy. With Convesio, the clustered database can be deployed in minutes to power multiple MySQL servers for high availability and scalability.

Self-Healing Technology

You read that right! If your website goes offline for any reason, the platform recognizes the problem and redeploys your website container instantly.


Do you have millions of visits per month? Run flash sales? Convesio is built to handle sites with large influxes of traffic at scale. The container system automatically deploys multiple containers instantly to handle the traffic load for traffic stress events.

Convesio Dashboard

Why Choose Convesio WordPress Hosting?

Convesio is built on the newest technologies and constantly evolving to be the best hosting solution for WordPress Agencies. If you are wondering why you should host your client sites with Convesio, it’s pretty easy…

Worry-Free Hosting

Easier said than done, but with Convesio, all of your client sites are monitored by the minute. The Convesio support team jumps in immediately to ensure uptime with your sites 24/7.

Bot & Spam Protection

This is where Human Presence comes in! With Human Presence built into the architecture, your clients site is invisibly protected from dangerous bots and spam. Both are leading causes of malware and site crashes.

Growth Protection

High traffic sites are always balancing hosting costs and reliability. With Convesio, you can get the best of both worlds. The Convesio platform is built to handle traffic surges by automatically scaling containers on multiple servers.

Site Speed Optimization

Site speed and page speed are critical to site visitors as well as search engines like Google. Convesio deploys its unique architecture on the world’s leading servers including AWS and Google Cloud. With unmatched speed features like built-in edge caching, Convesio continues to deploy leading technologies to ensure the fastest site possible for your client.

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