How to Block Gravity Forms Spam on WordPress

Spambots are one of the biggest headaches from WordPress developers. Most spambots have two primary goals: malicious phishing and black hat SEO. Spambots are constantly evolving to get smarter and beat existing anti-spam WordPress plugins. The most commonly affected plugin by spam is Gravity Forms and WordPress comments. With Gravity Forms so widely used, many developers are looking for a one-stop solution to stopping gravity forms spam.

Gravity Forms: The #1 WordPress Forms Plugin

There are tons of forms plugins for WordPress, but the single most used plugin of them all is Gravity Forms. The top reason why so many developers choose Gravity Forms is due to their integrations and API. They have tons of native integrations with platforms like Stripe, Hubspot, Slack, PayPal, MailChimp, Zapier, and more. Their API has also enabled many other plugins to enhance the functionality of Gravity Forms.

Recaptcha & Honeypot for WordPress Spam

If you search “how to prevent spam on Gravity Forms” you are probably going to turn up a few articles, recommending the most widely used tools for spam prevention, including Recaptcha & Honeypot. You can enable honeypot & Recaptcha via Gravity Form settings. The only issue is even with both of these enabled, form spam is not fixed. This brings us to why we wrote this article and why more WordPress developers are choosing Human Presence to block Gravity Forms spam.

Block Gravity Forms Spam with Human Presence

Human Presence was developed due to the growing threat of spambots and malicious threats that website developers and eCommerce shop owners face today. Bots are getting smarter and finding ways to evade advanced detection techniques like Akismet Anti-Spam, Google Recaptcha, and others. Bots are also being used to wreck eCommerce, flash sales and markets for specific products. The biggest problem with today’s current solutions is they are stagnant and not getting smarter as bots continue to evolve with the help of hackers and AI. We developed Human Presence to help website owners protect their site with an invisible solution that works in the background, allowing visitors to interact with the website without the hassle of a Turing test.

How does Human Presence work?

Unlike other WordPress anti-spam plugins, we use a “human presence” approach, essentially mapping natural, organic movements and apply the logic to all future site visits. The technology is constantly getting smarter and identifies bots within milliseconds. The behavioral analysis algorithm eliminates false positives with real human visitors to block spam in your WordPress comments and contact forms. Like the Akismet Anti-Spam plugin, we crowdsource our human behavior database from all the websites using Human Presence so that our technology is always getting smarter against spambots. The difference is our database cannot be manipulated like the text-based Akismet spam database. With our advanced risk detection and machine learning techniques, Human Presence is the only solution for complete spam prevention for WordPress.

How much does Human Presence cost?

Human Presence has a comparable pricing structure to other anti-spam WordPress plugins. We do allow every website owner to install the plugin and protect one form for free to test it out. Once you are truly impressed, you can sign up for our annual protection plan to protect unlimited forms on one website for $100 per year. Are you a WordPress agency interested in protecting multiple client sites from spam? Check out our Agency Pricing, here.

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