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Join the thousands of Shopify & WP experts already using Human Presence to stop form spam.

Easy to Use

With our shop protector app on Shopify and Human Presence plugin on WordPress, we make it easy to protect your forms with just a few clicks


No more dealing with Recaptcha and those annoying “I’m not a robot” boxes. Human Presence is invisible to your website visitors offering them a frictionless user experience.

Great Support

We pride ourselves on offering top notch support for all of our apps & plugins. Our friendly support team will be happy to help you address any of your issues via support request or online chat.

Why is Spam & Bot Protection Important?

40% of all web traffic is coming from bots. While some of these bots are just crawlers for search engines and other software, the majority of bots are malicious. 25% of all web traffic in 2020 came from malicious spam bots. Malicious bots are causing checkout fraud, form spam, phishing, fake account creation, and so much more for website owners like you.

It’s no secret; you will have more conversions and a better user experience with invisible bot protection. That’s why we created Human Presence--to help website owners like you eliminate bots & form spam once and for all.

Bot Traffic Online

of all web traffic

Increased Conversions

* after removing reCaptcha

Data Points Analyzed


Every Website Needs ZERO Malicious
Bots & Spam

That’s why we are creating integrations with leading CMS platforms on the web, including
Shopify, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and more.


Learn more about our Shop Protector app and how we are helping Shopify users stop form spam & shopping bots with checkout protection.

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Learn more about our Human Presence plugin and how we are helping WordPress users stop form spam with integrations into leading forms plugins, including Gravity Forms, WP Forms, Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, WooCommerce Reviews, and so much more!

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We Make It Easy For Shopify & WordPress Professionals

Human Presence is compatible with the most popular themes, plugins, and apps on Shopify & WordPress.

On top of that, we are deeply integrated with some of the most innovative managed WordPress hosting providers.

They trust Human Presence, so you can sleep easily at night.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Check out these 5-star reviews from a few of our customers.

100% Decrease

“This app has been great to combat spam. We have seen a 100% decrease so far on multiple sites. More importantly, customer service is excellent, and they are there to help. Certainly recommend.”


No More Recaptcha

“This app is so great! I was getting over 2000 fake accounts added to my Shopify store and Mailchimp and since setting this app up, I’ve not had any trouble. I love that there’s no need for ReCaptcha, so it’s a great experience for the customer too. The developers were really helpful in getting me set up. Thanks guys.”


No More Spam Accounts

“Absolutely perfect and did exactly what it said it would do. Immediately stopped the annoying spam accounts that were happening daily.”


No More Spam Comments

“Spammy comments on my blog had literally taken over my morning routine. Seemingly endless hours spent trawling through the drivel, and weeding out the real reviews and comments from the random nonsense. So I took a chance, and installed Human Presence… Silence! As if by magic, my biggest, and most pointless time suck has simply evaporated. I can now kick back, with a mug of tea and focus on much more meaningful tasks. Honestly, just install it, don’t even think twice. I used it free, then jumped on the premium plan without hesitation. IT JUST WORKS!”


Very Efficient

“I was receiving a lot of spam and emails from people whose emails had been used to create accounts on my website. I’ve installed Shop Protector on my site to rid me of this nuisance. The Team at SP was very efficient and set up the app then updated it when there was a Shopify update. So far so good….”


Protect Your Website From Form Spam In a Few Clicks

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